It is sometimes assumed that I am a man of great faith, but eternity alone will decide that. The truth is that my life has been filled with others who have simply appeared in my path at the right times, when I needed more faith than I had.

It was their faith that enabled me to keep growing. Keep becoming. Keep finding my way. Keep working and serving. Even to just keep surviving.  Then, of course, there is the music. There has been the music, always!  

Many times the music has saved me. It still does.

If I am to share my story, I must tell the truth, and so I will do that. I will tell the truth. I will speak long of others… and of the music.

- JesseLee Jones

ABOUT JesseLee:

Of proud Italian descent, JesseLee Jones was born in São Paulo, Brazil. Years later, when he became an American citizen, a piano was brought into the courtroom, in Peoria, IL, and JesseLee sung "America the Beautiful" for all present. Within days, he and his band flew to the Middle East to encourage American Soldiers during Desert Storm.
Today he lives in Nashville, TN, and continues to promote God and Country. In fact, he owns The Nashville Palace and Robert’s Western World, two internationally famous honkytonks in Music City. At both locations, the Appalachian Hillbilly sound is celebrated in every respect, along with the roots of Western Swing, and all Traditional Country Music!
When a local minister asked for permission to have worship services at Robert’s on Sunday mornings, JesseLee did not hesitate to say yes. He says yes to almost all opportunities afforded him to show his appreciation for his American citizenship.

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ABOUT The Book:

JesseLee Jones resolved, at age 22, on his first day in America, “the mother of all nations,” amidst unexpected and utterly challenging circumstances and loss, that "there was no going back!" His story then began to unfold with inconceivable passion and courage. The raw and vulnerable telling of it has required the greatest exhibition of courage to date.

If you are searching for the perfect book...

   - to inspire entrepreneurship,

   - to promote undying respect for friends and family,

   - to reinforce the importance of ethics and hard work,

   - to keep you aware that relationship building must always be ongoing,

   - to prompt a deeper appreciation for law enforcement and all public servants,

   - to help you more deeply respect the positive aspects of immigration, as well as the joy of diversity,

   - to demand respect for country and remind you that the American Dream can still be fully realized and highly celebrated,

...then look no further!

BRAZILBILLY, The JesseLee Jones Story, totally delivers as it shares up broad hope. Furthermore, it powerfully illustrates the life transforming and community building Magic of Music, proving once more that it is indeed a universal language! Nowhere is that more apparent than at Robert’s Western World and The Nashville Palace, in Nashville, TN, where hundreds of thousands come each year to celebrate the traditional country music BRAZILBILLY sound which speaks to all.  BRAZILBILLY, The JesseLee Jones Story, belongs on bookshelves and in hearts the world over!